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Our Lodge

Bydand Masonic Lodge takes its number “92” from the 92nd Regiment of Foot, known as the Gordon Highlanders. Read more about us below.

Bydand 92

The Seal of Bydand 92.

We use the colours of 92nd Regiment of Foot (Gordon Highlanders).

Our warrant was issued in 1996.

Joining our Lodge

If you’re interested, contact us.

The history of Bydand 92 Masonic Lodge

A history of our Warrant

Warrant No.92 was first issued by Grand Lodge of Ireland on 5th October 1738 to the 25th (Edinburgh) Regiment of Foot, which was later to become the King’s Own Scottish Borderers. The Lodge played and active role in Freemasonry during the regimental tours throughout the world.

The original warrant was lost with the Regimental Chest at the battle of Munster. This was replaced at Berwick on the 2nd December 1763. Whilst stationed in Gibraltar during 1763, the Lodge was honoured by having Lieutenant John Ross as Provincial Grand Master of Andalusia. The regiment surrendered the warrant on the 1st July 1815.

On the 2nd October 1817 the warrant was reissued to Donegore Masonic Lodge who held it until 22nd December 1995. With the assistance of R.W.Bro Robert J Thompson the Provincial Grand Master and V.W.Bro Joseph Watson the Provincial Grand Secretary, the warrant was re-issued to Bydand Masonic Lodge on the 27th April 1996. Bydand was created by 22 Brethren from 10 Lodges.

Bydand means Steadfast

The emblem and name of the Lodge is the Badge and Motto of the Gordon Highlanders.

Some interesting documents about our founding

Here are some documents, including newspaper clippings, about how Bydand 92 Lodge was formed.

Newspaper clipping

The original No.92 warrant was returned due to declining membership.

Newspaper clipping

The No. 92 Warrant is taken over by the new Bydand Masonic Lodge (that’s us).

Founding Members

Here’ you’ll see a list of our founding members and their signatures (1996).


Charity is important to us

We regularly raise funds for charity

Bydand 92 Masonic Lodge regularly raises funds for local non-Masonic charities. We believe in helping our local community and our Lodge takes pride in working closely with charities. Here are some of our recent successes: